Important : This is a 2-player game.


Love makes me blind,
But also makes you brighter in my eyes.

Tell your partner where to go,
Listen to his/her instruction,
And meet each other at the center of the stage.

Hope you enjoy :)



This game was made for the 7-day Brackeys Game Jam #2.
You can only see your partner's surrounding, 
So you need to communicate with each other
and try to  meet each other at thecenter of the stage.



[Blue character]
A/D to move
W to jump
S to interact with button

[Pink character]
/→ to move
 to jump
 to interact with button



Games / Art / SE made by  "La (NowPlaying)"
Music made by  "Arthur "Tsunya" Chang" - NTUDigitalMusic


( At 06:38 )


( Thanks a lot by the way :DD )


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How do you make the transparent circle around the player and the background black.

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Very nice idea, but I think implementation lacks here slightly in a few important aspects:

1. Your main feature is to make people talk and cooperate so to emphasise that I think your game should be pretty simple when played alone (seeing everything) but become hard when played as intended. To make that you need for example to increase view radius for the opposite player.

2. Player control is slow/unresponsive

3. Second level seems impossible. I read in other comments that there are elevators and I think I know where they are but the game doesn't introduce player to elevators and I wasn't able to trigger them

Check out my game (3D-horror) as well:

Responding in a bit more detail, to what you said on a stream.

2. Especially for you, I played Mario ( once again and... wow, how slow controls in Mario also feel. But that's a very old game and not necessarily an all-good game design. Take a look at something more modern. For example, Celeste (which you absolutely should play if you like platformers):

Note how much momentum is involved in the game, but the controls themselves are very responsive: you press - you move.

Or Rogue Legacy:

Same here - immediate moves.

Yes, in real life you don't move immediately but game is not real life and the main goal is to be fun, not realistic.

Besides that, characters in your game actually move and turn slower than humans in real life. Try it:)

And I don't mean you need to remove smooth turning all-together - no. I like that it's smooth, I just suggest to decrease momentum influence.

4. I played the first level and I can say it's very hard. It requires players to do many pixel/frame-perfect jumps. Jump slightly more or slightly less and you are dead. Took around 15 minutes to complete seeing both sides. Can't imagine someone completing it as intended. Have you playtested it with someone?

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2. OK, I think you are right. Maybe a mario-like design is not so fit with the games today then :/ 
I like the old school control, but maybe most of the people don't.
 I will think about it, tThanks.
(I do play Rogue Legacy before,  but I never got time to play Celeste since I buy it btw :P)

4. I don't know why you think there is any  "pixel/frame-perfect jumps" in Stage 1.
I mean yes, there is a "hard way" that require pixel-perfect jumps in S1, but that is not the normal way to pass this stage.
Some places in the game can be reach by certain way easily , like move straight without jumping or press buttons.
I think maybe I design this stage too hard so most of the people don't realize there is another way to pass this stage.
(And which is my fault indeed.)
But I have tried play this game with my friend a lot of time, and I can confirm there is not many "pixel/frame-perfect jumps" in this game.

I highly recommend to watch the walk-through video below, and find out the normal way to complete Stage 1 . If you think there is any "pixel/frame-perfect jumps" in it, then I have really nothing to say :/

Anyway, thanks for your advice. I will think about it when I make next game, especially about player control, thanks.

Our Team also talk about this idle but we did not make it. But your game let me feel your game is very amazing attached to this idle. I think that would be very playable if multiply player play your game. BTW your audio is very great and i guess you spend much time to design it. Also your graphics also suitable for user. I gave you high rates.
If you have time can you rate our team game although its not very complete and we want some feedback and improve later~

Thanks for your playing then :D
I have played your game today, the music and the graphic are both pretty beautiful, but the Stage is retaliative short and I have no idea to complete Level 2 :P
Maybe I will give it another shot and try to beat it in the future :D

Yeap. Level is is terrible for complete we did not have enough time to leave space to the level design. Perhaps we lack of time management and experience. While we decided to update and fix later. And sorry for some confusion about the level two. We will improve later! Thanks for your comments we looks as treasure!

That's a very nice concept! A little bit hard and not for everbody playable, but I see your effort here. The music, background and graphics fits very well also. So well done! :)

In level 2 there is a bug. If you die at the very first when the elevator goes up, you spawn at the ground again and can't call another elevator. There is also no way to reset by pressing R or ESC.

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Thanks for your comment. :D
This is my first game jam project,
so I try very hard to come up with this idea,
glad you like it.

(I also want to make it online-connectable,
but I don't know how to make it in 7 days, so... )

About the bug in level 2,
I have test a couple times after seeing your comment,
but I can't make it happened.
Can you tell me more about what happened? I will try to fix it.
By the way, the elevator can only move up by girl's side button,
and only move down by boy's side button,
I don't know this is your situation or not, but hope this can help you.

Anyway, glad you like my work, and even leave a comment.
Knowing someone like my game means a lot to me,
thanks for your playing again.  :)

I know that you appreciate it, because you edit this comment 4 times :D